Pittsburgh Aerial View Flexible Magnet

MN-17-AerialFor many, this aerial view of Pittsburgh will be a favorite.

This flexible magnet shows where the Pirates and the Steelers entertain the fans,

where the Monongahela meets the Allegheny, and our beautiful skyline.


Gateway Clipper Flexible Magnet


The most attractive Gateway Clipper magnet we’ve ever made.

A souvenir that is guaranteed to bring back memories of

one of the city’s most popular attractions.


Pittsburgh Old Map Magnet

mgpg01Design available as a shot glass, shooter, mug, or keychain.

Collect them all!


Pittsburgh Panoramic Night Magnet


The lights of the city shine on this panoramic magnet.


Pittsburgh Fountain Panoramic Magnet

MGPG69This magnet features a  great wide shot of Pittsburgh

with a beautiful sunset.


Pittsburgh Rainbow Foil Magnet

MGPG80This is a colorful magnet of Pittsburgh.

It’s perfect for every fridge.


Pennsylvania 3D Map Magnet

MGPA88This unique magnet has a map of Pennsylvania and

uses an epoxy to make it’s culture jump out in a 3D effect.


Pennsylvania Map magnet

MGPA70A magnet of Pennsylvania and some of the culture that makes it memorable.


Smithfield Street Bridge Magnet

MGPG65Take a ride over the hot metal bridge as you stare at this magnet.


The Red Duquesne Incline Magnet

mgpg60The most talked about incline in the city and an icon of Pittsburgh.


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