Pittsburghese Acrylic Keychain


Brush up on your proper “Pittsburghese”, or learn a few words from our uniquely Pittsburgh dialect.

Either way, this keychain is sure to delight and make you smile.


Diamond Penguin of Pittsburgh Keychain

If you like Pittsburgh, and you like Penguins, this keychain might be for you.

The diamond like gems in the penguin sparkle in the sun and

the secure latch keeps everything safe from being lost.


Pittsburgh Steel City Flask Keychain


Perfect for when you’re out and need a little drink.

Just clip it onto whatever you’re carrying and go!



Pittsburgh Teddy Bear Keychain


It’s not hard to tell how this bear feels about Pittsburgh.

The arms and legs on this adorable bear are movable.


Pittsburgh Old Map Keychain

krpg02Design available as a shot glass, shooter, mug, or magnet.

Collect them all!


Pittsburgh Riverboat Keychain


krpg06cWith the high number of boat tours and bridges

you’re sure to see this sight in Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh Spinning Bottle Opener Keychain

BB-03This useful keychain is great not only to open bottles

or keep your keys together.

It’s great to look at and admire the city go around.


5 Photos of Pittsburgh Key Chain

KC-07A nice photo of downtown Pittsburgh.

As well as a montage of things around the city, which include the Point,

the Cathedral of Learning, the Duquesne incline and Heinz field.

Collect the matching magnet and shot glass!


Pittsburgh Pewter Skyline Keychain


Viewed from Mt. Washington of The Point and the Duquesne Incline.

A great way to carry around the rivers of the city.

Collect the matching spoon, bell and thimble!



YINZ Pewter Key Chain

KC-06Pewter “YINZ” Keychain

“yinz guys need this keychain”

Pittsburgh slang


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