Wooden Shot Glass

Although not recommended for drinking, this wooden shot glass

adds a natural look to any Pittsburgh collection.

Featuring a wood-burned image of the city,

our shot glass makes a perfect gift

for alcohol aficionados and collectors alike.


Skyline Sculpture Shot Glass

Skyline Sculpture Shot Glass SH-22This unique shot glass has a 3D representation

of the Pittsburgh skyline going entirely around.


Pittsburgh Fun Panorama Shot Glass

glpg14This shot glass has a fun interpretation of Pittsburgh’s skyline.

Great for adults who are young at heart!


Pittsburgh Old Map Shooter

glpg18Design available as a shot glass, mug, keychain, or magnet.

Collect them all!


Pittsburgh Old Map Shot Glass

glpg17Design available as a shooter, mug, keychain, or magnet.

Collect them all!


I <3 Pittsburgh Jar Shot Glass

glpg12This mason jar style shot glass will show everyone

that you love Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh Pewter Shot Glass

glpg11These heavy duty pewter shot glasses feature many of the

places and things that make Pittsburgh wonderful.


Pennsylvania Gold Ovals Shot Glass

glpa27This shot glass features the great culture of Pennsylvania

in gold ovals around the outside.


Pennsylvania Pewter Shot Glass

glpa05Pictured around this shot glass is Amish Country, Covered Bridges,

the Liberty Bell and Pennsylvania Railroads.

Four things that are well known and loved about Pennsylvania.


Pittsburgh Stamp Shooter


This stylish and colorful shooter seems to name

every area of Pittsburgh.

Collect the matching apron, shot glass and hobo bag and passport bag!


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